Depression Glass Makers

by admin on August 26, 2009

There were over 20 companies or manufacturers of depression glassware over the entire period of the American great depression. Some of the manufacturers such as the Fenton Glass Company were around long before. They started their business back in 1905 and joined the momentum of the mass production of this type of glassware during the down turn.

One of the most well known makers of this glassware is the Hocking Glass Company. The company started life under this name but merged with the AnchorCap and Closure Corporation towards the end of the depression in 1937 and became the Anchor Hocking Glass Company. The Hocking name is famous for creating 20 patterns and went on to create several more once they had merged under the new name. The Anchor Hocking brand is known for the Royal Ruby pattern and they went on to produce an alternative to Pyrex products know as “Fire King” which is used for cooking. The makers mark or hallmark used by this company was an H originally, which was then joined with an anchor once the 3 companies had merged.

Another of the well known and collectible makers is the Hazel-Atlas Glass Company who were based all over America in over 15 locations during the depression. It is widely accepted that Hazel-Atlas was the largest manufacturer of depression glass and created the products on a massive scale. They had various well known or now famous patterns attributed to them such as Aurora, Newport,Royal Lace and Starlight. Hazel-Atlas is another of the makers of depression glass that has become highly collectible in this area of antiques. The marking for this company is an H with an A underneath.

The Westmoreland Glass Company is also a well known name and is synonymous with depression glass and other glassware items. This company is also one that started way before the great depression back in 1889 and went making glass on right up until 1984, when it went out of business under the leadership of someone who had no experience of making glassware products. The Westmoreland company made glass with patterns with names such as English Hobnail which may have been a throwback to their roots as the originators of the company came from Liverpool, England.

These are just some of the many companies who produced the pressed glassware that we now know as depression glass. Some companies made more styles than others, but some smaller companies are just as popular with collectors and enthusiasts due to their rarity and unique design.

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