Depression Glass Colors

by admin on August 26, 2009

One of the many things that makes depression glass liked, popular and collectible is the array of colors that they come in. Along with the lovely patterns that adorn the surface and design of the glassware, the translucent colors add that extra touch to them.

Possibly the most well known and collectible is the pink depression glassware which was mostly made by the Hocking Glass Company between 1936 and 1938. The color and hue of these items are only a slight pink color and are almost orange in certain lights.

Cobalt blue and green depression glass is also a popular choice amongst collectors of this type of glassware and these colors were used by the majority of the glass makers during the great depression. Other colors that are popular are ruby red, topaz yellow, white (Monax), translucent beige (Cremax) amber and clear.

It was common for the manufacturers of depression glass to use several colors on the same style and design. Therefore you may find that the same style jug, plate or vase has also been produced in exactly the same pattern and style - but in a different color. Due to the fact that materials to make this glass were so readily available in mid-west America during the depression years, the companies that made the glassware were able to mass produce them very cheaply.

Some glassware were also stamped and printed with designs such as flowers to make them more attractive, although this is generally not the norm. Promotional pieces were also printed with the names of companies, brands and popular items from the time. This was most common with items that were given away to promote films or stores or the plates an bowls that were given away with cereal. These were printed with child friendly images or names such as cartoon characters.

The range of depression glass colors, mixed with the various pattern styles that were used at the same time makes them very collectible pieces, even now. There are not many undamaged pieces left and those that are in mint condition, are pink, cobalt blue or green will fetch a good return at auction.

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